Broome, Kimberley

One of Australia’s most precious jewels is the Kimberley Region. It is huge and spans an area that is over a million square kilometres in size – yet it one of the most uninhabited regions on the planet.

The most visited town in this region is Broome, an oasis for travelers negotiating the WA coast. It has managed to retain the characteristics of its original cultural influences – Indigenous Australians and Asian pearl fisherman.

The annual Shinju Matsuri Pearl Festival takes place in September when Broome is decked out in colour while the town celebrates its pearling and cultural history. The Staircase to the Moon phenomenon is another must see. The rising moon is reflected off the rippled tidal mudflats, creating the illusion of a brightly lit staircase rising up to the moon.

At dusk, tourists take a camel tour along the beach. At the southern tip of Cable Beach is Gantheaume Point. At low tide you can spot the tracks left by a dinosaur 130 million years ago.

New South Wales

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