Wild About Whales: Tails, Tales & Trails

Recently, the Legendary Pacific Coast tourism region officially launched a “whale trail” in Coolangatta, a popular whale watching location on the border of NSW and Queensland.

The Legendary Pacific Coast Whale Trail plots 50 whale watching highlights on land and sea, detailing each location and tour operator. (The Legendary Pacific Coast is also partnering with National Parks and Wildlife for the Wild About Whales campaign.)

Sea World and other operators on the Gold Coast in Queensland treat tourists to close-up encounters. Whales on their doorstep have brought a boon for tourism, and the tour guides can tell some tales about these magnificent creatures as they slap their tails for the cameras.

On the opposite shore, along the Southern and Indian Oceans, the annual whale migration is underway early. They didn’t wait for the Official Trail Map, just started working their way up from Antarctic waters to their calving grounds in the Kimberley Region.

This season, 30,000 humpback and southern right whales are swimming close to shore or just within boat-viewing distance – a boon for tourism from Albany to Bunbury, from Perth to Broome, and beyond.

Planning a whale watching journey? Check out the best places to stay along the whale trails.

Whale Watching Tours:

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