Shinju Matsuri – Broome’s ‘Festival of the Pearl’

5-14 September 2014

Festival of the Pearl

Nowhere else in the world can you visit an Australian festival with a Japanese name where a traditional Chinese dragon is the centrepiece. In Broome in Western Australia locals proudly display their ethnic origins and celebrate a pearling history that has made their getaway town the envy of the world.

Shinju Matsuri is the premier arts, cultural and community festival, celebrated during the full moon of September for more than 40 years. Through 10 days of events – 5-14 September – Broome visitors can enjoy a float parade and Mardi Gras and fireworks at the closing ceremony. The town’s multicultural history and magnificent venues are showcased in all events, and talented local artists perform throughout the festival.

Shinju Matsuri will tempt your senses with an exciting whirlwind of colour, sound, taste and smell. But there are many other reasons and attractions in this popular destination.

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