The Big Picture in Broken Hill is Outback Wonder

The world’s largest acrylic painting on canvas by a single artist – called The Big Picture, what else – resides in an art gallery in Broken Hill, the Outback Capital of Australia.

Just imagine if you were local artist Ando, and you had to paint a picture 100 metres long and 12 metres at its highest point. It took a million brush strokes and includes no less than 100,000 saltbush, 20,000 trees, 20,000 small stones, 1000 large stones, 3,000 clouds, 1,500 hills and 12 sculptures.

Without seeing it, The Big Picture is hard to fully appreciate; the effect when you walk through the Silver City Mint & Art Centre is simply jaw dropping! A picture may say a thousand words, but Ando’s painting will leave you speechless.

More information on The Big Picture and the Sliver City Mint and Art Centre
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